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Make friends with china

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Make friends with china   The work will become more beautiful

Young potters Li Qin Indonesian Art Tour


    China and Indonesia is famous porcelain country, has a long history, the two different countries there are many cultural intersection -- ceramic culture, in Indonesia Chinese chamber of commerce support, young potters Li Qin will start her went to Indonesia's ceramic art tour.

   She was born in ceramic family, from a rookie porcelain altar, grow up to be a real master, cannot be simply interpreted as a teacher in the accident, cardiac, also with her for many years hard work are inseparable. - just like her name, to listen to piano cheerful state of mind to draw his CiYi the wonderful picture of life.

   Jingdezhen, the land full of rich artistic breath, and her partners mostly, around age has close relationship with ceramics, painting porcelain workers, and street stalls selling China old man, and holding a large "pipe" blowing glaze master... These, in her growing up under the influence of narrative. Especially her grandpa advanced skills in pastel characters to her generation is a new generation.

    Gradually into the art, to the deep understanding of life, in their own ceramic art creation into the essence of life experience, perhaps as a famous ceramist in to see her work sincerely praise way: "li qin ceramic works of art to see the let a person feel touched, on the one hand, infiltration of art and her real life, to see the work as I saw her life, and life has carried on the artistic language, on the other hand, no matter from shape or fodders, are extremely easily with a strong resonance in viewer." The rich experience of life as she lifted the ceramic art of, this experience has become a source of inspiration for artistic creation never dried up.

    In order to improve their aesthetic appreciation ability, she works in art porcelain factory during that time, to the side of the master often consult with an open mind. Porcelain factory workers' life is tough, let her forget this period of memory, of course, it is in this environment, for she is a great discipline. In her solo career, also is not plain sailing, also has many difficulties, in writing to a certain stage, entered into an artistic innovation bottleneck, then step forward in a difficult, in the face of the repeated revision, exhausted, she also had to give up a period of time, put aside the brush, seek the relaxation of the heart, like the workers pick hill reached a height of shoulder the heavy burden, feel it has never been easy...

    Is this period of light years, she chose visited famous mountains and great rivers, into nature, in the reject this time also let her in the noisy world found a corner of the quiet, mentality is grinding to a calm, in light of that a moment, she decided to take up the brush, their understanding of art and feeling into written down, brandish asperses.

    she says, is the art of fire and earth, earth had a fire of refinement, can smell the scent of ceramic art; People, also have through the test of various environment, to have in-depth comprehension of things. More fortunately, she got the professor of jingdezhen ceramic institute, famous pottery dinking qian, a famous Chinese painter hippocrene famous master's careful guidance, etc. In the teacher, under the guidance of her creation level increased social, and deepen their comprehension of ceramic art. She thought the ceramic art creators of knowledge, accomplishment, quality although each are not identical, but should show her true feelings, by the works ZhuangZiYun famously said that really, sincere to also, not jing not sincere and moving. Her works shocked many ceramic enthusiasts, as a famous Chinese painter hippocrene for her autograph inscription: "smart" and for the gallery title "listen to jean role", the national hundred giyesu painter Li Douluo for ms li  inscription "master of art, wonderful work."

    Her bold innovation, to the baby play combination of traditional Chinese paper-cutting, puppet art gimmick, lively interest is full. Each painting has strong Chinese charm. Her work on the adornment gimmick, also have a watercolor painting, soft pastel, ancient color is gorgeous, view her works not only make people pleasing, more bring a person the memory of childhood, feel great maternal love. "Far see mountains, near silent listen to water; a mother's love in everywhere, urchin no static idle". Her work is in great repercussions at home and abroad, especially the Chinese diaspora, his works are thought of as far away as relatives of the motherland, think of the great motherland mother, part the homesick affection arises spontaneously. Of course, she also characteristic of landscape painting, is she going into the thick of life for many years, sketch creation in miniature. Deja vu is his work, saw, have been to the mountain village, dwelling houses and river valley. The memory of childhood, in hometown feelings in the mind. Hometown is everyone is difficult to forget the root, is the place that raising grow on your own, how many young stepped away from home without changing the love is the hometown of my feelings. Li qin landscape works, rely on is the resurgence of natural, art infection to arouse the people to the art of love. , of course, there's the painting skill, technique and exquisite color accurately. She is the pursuit of better art with oneself, won widespread praise of the art world.

    She would like to thank her numerous classmates, colleagues, it is the experience, made her get exercise, laid a solid art strength. Review through the ups and downs over the years, she feel the deepest is man don't be afraid to bear hardships, don't watch in front of gain and loss, steadfastly persistent pursuit in art.

    She is good at under the glaze colorful and pastel art characters, over the years, on the journey of ceramic art, li qin through its own strong and persistent pursuit, along the way, let her enjoy the charm of ceramic art, also show many ceramic art lovers she ceramic art in the journey along the way scenery song all the way. In 2009, her colorful works under the glaze the jade pool to here in jiangxi province to celebrate the 60th ceramic an exhibition and high-quality goods game won the gold medal; In 2010, under the glaze colorful works porcelain plate "panasonic asked the boy" won the 9th national ceramic art innovation competition gold award; Pastel works "jasper in" the 11th 2010 works of arts and crafts master of China and the international art exposition "hundred flowers cup" silver medal; In 2008 work "the four most beautiful women" won the gold medal in the 43rd session of the national arts and crafts fair. In 2013 she received the sixteenth CPC central committee, the NPC standing committee members, honorary President of Chinese people's institute of foreign affairs, foreign minister li zhaoxing had a cordial meeting with. She doesn't meet these result, she still tried to seek the transcendence of art creation, CiYi life every change is a new transcendence.

    She went to macau host ceramics exhibition, from macau ombudsman administrative office support, and achieved a great success. On the exhibition, her original heap "3D carving luminous ceramic works” is concerned, by the Macao art lovers, the works show the Chinese art world unique new genre style, work and applied for national patent right of intellectual property protection. She firmly believes that learning, in rapid developing micro-motor technology hope through the way of going out to get more famous advice and counsel, improve their artistic realm.

    Today, she will start to Indonesia, shoulder "to promote world datong, enhance the traditional friendship between the peoples of China and Indonesia, promote cultural and artistic exchange between the two countries, display and communication of Chinese culture and arts" mission, to promote the Chinese ceramics culture art culture and art of dialogue and exchanges with the world.

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